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A Love Letter to Great Brittian

 by Jens Meuer, shot on 16mm

A Funny Film about Brexit?

SEASIDE SPECIAL is an affectionate, up-close look at Britain's last original end-of-the-pier variety show, and how its local heroes are preparing for the 2019 summer season. A tribute to handmade entertainment, with quintessentially English humour. No effects, no celebrities, no digital tricks, but very British, authentic, funny, rousing.

In the sleepy seaside town of Cromer in Norfolk, we meet a colourful cast of inspiring and original characters and experience a microcosm of modern Britain in the midst of tremendous change.

Seaside Special is a German-Belgian co-production, gorgeously shot on 16mm film, with a brass band score by the Fabulous Steve Willaert Brass Band, winner of the Cambridge Film Festival Audience Award and a "Special Mention" at the Hofer Filmtage 2021.


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SEASIDE SPECIAL is "sweet revenge" - something like a European love letter to our eccentric neighbours. The film is highly entertaining, showing a place seemingly out of time, full of guys who couldn't be more British. The cast and crew of the theatre, but also the local heroes from the town, who somehow have to deal with the rift that also runs through their community.The antidote is the show itself. Everything in Cromer revolves around it. With its authentic, human nature, artistic craftsmanship - blood, sweat and tears - and lots of British humour, it brings people together. No one will become famous here; no one will ever go viral here. But what community and values can mean, that's what we see here, and what we sorely miss about our British cousins, along with their humour, originality and quirkiness as Europeans.

SEASIDE SPECIAL is the most British European film imaginable - and so are its protagonists. The film is directed by Olly Day, a magician and comedian who is only world-famous in Norfolk. They are joined by Boris fan and crab fisherman John Lee - audience favourite at the Hof Film Festival - director Di Cooke and the twin couple Polly and Sophie Duniam - backing singers of the Pet Shop Boys - who would embark on the "Never-ending Fuck Brexit Tour" as "My Bad Sister" if only their motorhome (with left-hand drive!) had an engine...

SEA Aushang 08_edited.jpg
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